Welcome to The Hertfordshire Aesthetics Clinic

About Us

With a background in emergency care and passion for beauty and the biology of the human body,  Georgia began her career in Aesthetics.

Georgia spent time undertaking a diploma in advanced aesthetics at Lipology Academy, and is proud to say she is now also recognised as a Safer Practice Ambassador. The Safer Practice Register was created to promote a safer industry, where it is now more than ever so critical for clients to select a clinic with the relevant experience and level of care.

The Hertfordshire Aesthetics Clinic was formed so that a highly professional service could be provided to clients within a safe and clinical environment. Helping others to feel their best is what we love! We're here to help you achieve a natural and youthful appearance by providing subtle enhancements or by simply improving your skin's health.

The Hertfordshire Aesthetics Clinic offers treatments for a variety of clients and their individual skin concerns. Healthy skin is in, and we fully encourage clients to look after their skin to the best of their ability, this may be much easier than you think! Treatments range from lip enhancement, facial contouring, skin rejuvenation and wrinkle treatment, to body contouring, fat dissolving and scar & stretch mark treatment. If you are unsure on weather we can treat your specific concern, please get in touch for a consultation. 

We hope to see you in the clinic soon and give you the confidence boost you deserve!